Kelsey + JR // Danville, Kansas

There is just something about two insanely in love humans that immediately warms your heart. Last night I had the absolute privilege to create such special moments between Kelsey + JR. I started the session by hanging out with Kelsey + JR + their fur babies at the home where they are planting roots together. On their back patio I saw that the marquee lights were still hung up that JR used when he proposed to Kelsey - so obviously had to take some photographs of the couple in front of such a special spot. From there we went on to make magic in JR's pasture where the cattle he is raising reside. After JR helped Kelsey back into the farm pickup - like a complete gentlemen, we went on back to the house for a quick wardrobe change. While Kelsey was changing I asked JR about Kelsey & I told them how adorable they were together. He then replied "that girl is my angel" *SWOON*! 

Kelsey + JR hopped back into the farm pickup so we could make our way to the second location - a gorgeous pond & Kelsey + JR were going to do a little bit of precious canoeing together. On the way to the pond I noticed some wild sunflowers & we had to stop for a few snaps! What's a Kansas engagement session without some sunflowers?! 

After the canoeing we said our goodbyes & I couldn't help but drive away thinking how incredibly blessed I am with the couples that choose me to capture the best day of their lives & the moments in-between. 

Hope you all enjoy!