Anniversary Session at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Marissa + Ryan

At the end of June, I had the pleasure to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico to hang out with these babes + shoot their anniversary session in the gorgeous Kasha-Katuwe (I don't know how to pronounce that, so it's cool if you don't either) Tent Rocks. It was the first time we had ever met, & I wanted to say to Marissa within the first 5 minutes of meeting her, "did we just become best friends?! Do you want to go do karate in the garage?!" 

Friday evening we were supposed to shoot their anniversary session, but due Ryan & Marissa having horrible car troubles, we decided to have a few cold drinks (& I'm not talking about soda & lemonades) & hang out around Santa Fe instead. Literally, these two needed to drink their bad luck away, I was there for moral support haha.

The next morning we head to the Tent Rocks & had a blast hiking & exploring around the beautiful National Monument. After that, we head back to Marissa & Ryan's adorable airstream Airbnb for a cozy little "in airstream" session. Needless to say, the weekend was a success. Minus the car trouble & my elevations sickness -- yes, you read that right. I had elevation sickness. But here I am, living to tell the tale ;)

One thing I learned from this trip is, when you go up 7,000 ft in elevation than what you're used to, start out by drinking a lot of water.....not margaritas.

I love these two!

Marissa & Ryan, thank you so much for choosing me to crash you're anniversary trip. You two may be the cutest & most in love humans I've ever been around. Also, thank you for making sure I didn't die while hiking with elevation sickness ;)

Be sure to watch their Love Story Film below as well!


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