Mentor Sessions

It's no secret that I love photography, but what you might not know about me is that I love to teach as well. I wish I had future me to chat with when I was starting out & further into my career. My goal when doing mentor sessions to to enhance your love photography & your business. I got your back! Not only will I share the knowledge that I have learned in the past 3 years of shooting, but I will also become a new friend! BONUS my degree is in communications/marketing which has helped me thrive so much. 

Read the information below & if it sounds like you're ready to take the next step, fill out the contact link below & lets be friends!

Skype/FaceTime : $400

1 - 1.5 hour sessions, Q&A style -- you have the floor -- ask any questions you'd like. Tip : have a list of questions and/or things you'd like to cover before the session! We can chat about anything & everything; from the booking process, workflow, gear, pricing, contracts, creating genuine emotion while shooting, editing tips, screen share editing, marketing, social media, website, making friends -- not just clients, & everything in between. I also send you a PDF of everything we went over so you can have it as a resource to refer back to whenever you'd like.

Additional time can be added for $200 an hour

One on One : $800

Consider this your very own mini workshop! These sessions run around 6-8 hours. The layout out the day will consist of, meeting over coffee or brunch mid morning for a couple hours -- we will get to know each other & we will go over where you are currently at in your business + what you are wanting to learn + goals that you have for your business. Also a good idea to have a a list of questions and/or things you'd like to cover before the session. Also, let me know what areas you are wanting to work on for the shoot that we will have later that day so we can really hone in on those areas  during the shoot.

After coffee/brunch we will meet up with a couple or a family -- depending on what you're wanting to focus on & we will shoot for 1-2 hours. During the shoot I will help you in the directional process. I will also take the lead for a few minutes so you can see how I work with couples or families.

After the shoot we will sit down at a restaurant (or a bar *smiley face emoji*) for 2-3 hours. We will go over the workflow process after the session & how everything went during the shoot. We will also go over editing, client delivery, & everything + anything. Once again, you have the floor!

Post session you will receive a PDF booklet of everything we went over throughout the day!

These sessions will take place in either Alva, Oklahoma, Enid, Oklahoma, or Wichita, Kansas. BUT I am totally game to go wherever you are for additional travel cost.


I do offer a group rate! Say if you & a friend or two would like to do an in person mentor session, a group rate will apply. Use the form below & lets chat!