To say I was nervous to have someone professionally capture my awkward, non-photogenic, nervous laughing self was an understatement beyond belief. We met Josie (for the first time ever)  at a bar in Breck prior to embarking on our photo session and after 5 minutes of being around her every ounce of anxiety and nervousness slipped away. She made us feel such ease— honestly I forgot we were there to take our engagement pictures and thought we were just enjoying some beers with our new friend. 
Josie gave such simple recommendations for each shot but allowed our personalities to still shine through. She caught us in our raw imperfectly perfect state. Josie was so incredibly easy to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera.  What she captures and how she captures it is pure magic. When we got our pictures back we were blown away. Her work is incredible! 
Mark my words when I say you will leave the session with your cheeks hurting from smiling and your abs that hurt from laughing.  You walk away a new best friend. Because if you don’t, then you didn’t do it right.

- Camila & Adam