"She has been feeling it for awhile now - that sense of awakening. There is a gentle rage simmering inside of her, and it is getting stronger by the day. She will hold it close to her - she will nurture it and let it grow. She won't let anyone take it away from her. It is her rocket fuel and finally, she is going places. She can feel it down to her very core - this is her time. She will not only climb mountains - she will move them too." 

What I'm About


If you're looking for someone to not only capture your most cherished moments, but also have a friend long after your photos are delivered, then you are at the right place and I am so glad that you're here!

My name is Josie Sullivan England - middle name is my Grandmother's maiden name. I miss her everyday & hope that I am making her proud. I am a full time wedding photographer based out of a little town in northwest Oklahoma. I'm a large fan of love, traveling, queso, dogs, horses, cactus, all things turquoise, live music, my amazing family & friends, cold brew, grilled food, & my husband. I am married to the best person I have ever known; he is the most hardworking, supportive, hilarious, & most genuine person in the world.

I've been taking photos for a little over 2.5 years, but officially went full time in June of 2016 and never looked back. For the past 2.5 years I have been shooting anything & everything. You name it & I've probably shot it; newborns, families, couples, animals, milestone photos, ect., but I have found that capturing two people in love is what makes my heart beat the hardest.

I'm not for everyone; I'm not about stiff, dull, staged & (lets be real here) awkward poses - because in all honesty they aren't the greatest photos to take & they don't turn out the best - they simply aren't genuine. I want to create something meaningful with you guys - the quirky, teasing, loud, sarcastic, soft, fun, weird, hysterical, laughing so hard your stomach hurts, intimate, authentic, different love that you two have for one another. I want to capture the tiny moments & the HUGE feelings - combine all of those factors & your true, real, & genuine love story will shine through my images.

To find out more about my style, where my investments start at,  & to just say hey - click the Get In Touch tab! I can't wait to hear from you!

Surrounded by the best humans that lift me up on the good days, the bad days, & most importantly the best day.

Surrounded by the best humans that lift me up on the good days, the bad days, & most importantly the best day.